Silent Tears



When he cries,Silent tears flow,When he smiles,His eyes glow.Man for the momentHe may never be,My discrete son;Standing in periphery.Watching others having funMy sluggish childHis mind; on the run. Never loud in any one crowd Though he is not heardH...

When he cries,
Silent tears flow,
When he smiles,
His eyes glow.
Man for the moment
He may never be,
My discrete son;
Standing in periphery.
Watching others having fun
My sluggish child
His mind; on the run.

Never loud in any one crowd
Though he is not heard
He makes me proud.
When he speaks,
Words part slow,
Leaves most unsaid
My boy; unsure.

He dresses, he walks;
Not so cool,
People may regard him a fool
Happy in his strides
Inside he has a rare tool
Most will never know.

Never wanting emotions to show
Keeps it locked deep inside
He rarely lets it go
Not due to lack of courage I am sure
Just unwilling to let others know.

Hopeless as he seems,
His eyes are filled with dreams,
On any dull day or in the sun shine
He is my gem, the first blood of mine.

Runs without rest,
He may run for years
He climbs high without much fear
Cannot reach the hearts of his peers
But that's ok, my boy; sincere.

I wait by your side as you sleep
I pray you always remain in such ease
Some troubles seldom cease
But be your self; true
With patience, you seldom lose
My brave boy, I wish I was like you.






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