Employee Orientation, Employee Reality



A burst of corporate spirit chased by a shot of reality

“This is not just a job!  For it’s a vocation",

One of the key themes from my orientation,

Which also covered values, ethics and pride,

And the example of colleagues to use as a guide,

I was eager to start when the session concluded,

And so grateful to feel so involved & included,

With a group so engaged and prepared to commit,

Then a knock on my cube, “don’t believe a word of that sh*t”

Introducing herself, my neighbor offered advice,

“Won’t take you too long to see no one’s that nice,’

And values?  You’ll see that’s not what they mean,

Ask Carl and his stab wounds if they felt supported by team,

‘Be courageous’?  They canned the last guy who said no,

‘Full disclosure?’, ‘Listen first’?! Oh, you don’t want to know,

Don’t be a sucker and fall for all the pretense,

But cheer up, the break room sodas are only 25 cents,

That plus your pay stub, that’s your only reward,

But as your neighbor let me be the first to say ‘Welcome aboard!’

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