This poem is about life, death and rebirth. A cycle that touches our identity, careers, relationships and even nature. Finding my voice again as a writer has been part of a personal rebirth for me.

Out of the ashes I rise
Out of the fire I am reborn
The charred remains of my past
Purified, glowing embers adorn

I am molten metal
My armor glows white hot
Made in the fires of eternity
Out of the Son's brilliance, wrought

My tongue is a ready sword
Forged in the furnace of redemption
The blade growing ever sharper
Every syllable cuts with intention

I am a warrior poet
And unafraid to fight
With every lunge and swing of my blade
The words give entrance to light

I do not fear the fire
That burns and scorches the earth
For out of its very womb
I received my second birth

Impurities and imperfections
Consumed in the fire of the Son
Dying daily, I am resurrected
Made new, I am undone

Out of the ashes I rise
Out of the fire I am remade
Born of passion, born of pain
I am Phenix, son of eternal flame

Phenix © 2015 by Kris Peterson. All rights reserved.

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