There is a palette of colors to adore so let yourself soar


With the finest of finest brushes

There is a palette of colors to adore

Let your imagination roar and soar

Let the sky be dappled with stars

Shining, twinkling, shimmering

Silvery, stunningly shiny

The sky is so azure blue

Navy, sapphire and indigo

Let your paint brush flow and flow

The night sky is closing in, dusky blues

With ribbons of green, orange running through

Oh and the beautiful purple, lilac, indigo

The glorious sun shining behind the clouds

Giving them a wonderful hue

Rays of gold, orange, salmon pink

Which makes me wonder at these wonders?

Then think the unthinkable

How do such wonders appear?

When they are all so, so very clear

When you paint the colours every year

The mountains so high

That they may almost touch the sky

Sprinkled with snow, moss and grass

The sun showering its colours

From mountain top to mountain top

Tip to tip let your paintbrush flow

Let it flow and glow with your colours of the rainbow

The grasses so green

The pathways lean and thin

Winding around the mountains and trees

Let this be your magical touch

A little world that you love so much

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

20th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

Taken from the book of poems

© Simply Magical

© Teresa Joseph Franklin



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