Chasing permanence The amassed indulgences That validate “I”

Chasing permanence
The amassed indulgences
That validate “I”

Raised fists demanding
Equality or handouts
Neither holds freedom

Agaze at reruns
Of repetitive cycles
Life lessons unlearned

The slain challenges
Cryptic variables of
Causal precision

Indifferent to
Quintessential laws that rule
Synergy of Souls

Still, we thread the
Quantum entanglement known
As Humanity

Enslaving Love to
Clever ideologies
Fade to redundance

Human Beings exist as integrated components of a Singular Whole from which individuals cannot disengage themselves. The only “proof” of this theory is to acquire the sensation of the force through which all Human Beings are merged into the Singular Whole. This connecting force of energy, or “fiber optic”, is typically described as light, life force, presence, aura, God consciousness; .none of which accurately represent the connecting energy. Words cannot describe this dimension of existence. Any attempt to do so is simply ego-based; usually by those who promote themselves as spiritually “advanced” or claim to “teach” spirituality. When an individual acquires the sensation of, and begins to consciously function within this connecting force of energy there is nothing to be said. All egoistic domination is swept aside. She or he will have a new capacity to influence as a force of unconditional love. Spoken words are not required; special attire has no meaning. There are no rituals, or spiritually enhancing “tools”. An individual with such spiritual capacity will influence with immense strength: quietly, outwardly, from her or his inner structure.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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