DayDream. A Reprise



This is a somewhat whimsical ditty that I wrote in response to a challenge. All my garbled verse goes into a collection that I call "Mongrel Verses"

She comes to me in the dark of night,                                                                  She looked at me with a face so white.                                                                     I screamed and woke the ghosts that haunt,                                                     And disturbed them in their nocturnal jaunt.

She smiled at me with her bloodless lips,                                                           And walked to me, with her swaying hips.                                                         She opened her mouth, she seemed to bite.                                                      Oh no, I don’t give up with out a fight!

She smiled at me, with her teeth so sharp,                                                         Her nails are claws that scratch out the dark.                                                      She wants my blood, says it feeds her lust,                                                           And bit my neck, my world went bust.

I woke up suddenly, with a horrific yell –                                                            And looked around, at my daylight Hell.                                                                Oh, thank thee Lord, it was a daydream,                                                              But, damn thee Satan, I love her, I scream.

I am the dreamer, I am my dreams;                                                                          It’s her bite I love, I’m crazy, it seems.                                                                    This daylight world, I give to thee;                                                                              I want the dark, the dark is me.

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