I knew you for 24 hours.



Though a year has gone by and you haven't left my head.


And you have been on my mind every day.

the first few months were maturely handled,

only 24 hours I was fortunate enough to be introduced to 

such a charming, tender and kind man who was my age,

we spoke of fantasies of living in far off places,

i dreamed of falling into your arms every night.

something is there, you don't see it.

the being that put us on earth didn't unite us only to 

split us apart hours later when I can honestly say that was one of the best days of my entire reality.


the more time has progressed, discussions with you have felt fictitious,

maybe you were a dream because in that time together there wasn't a moment of negativity in you.

you made my soul feel full, and it hasn't nor will it feel whole til you come home.


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