My baby spoke to me



/ poem

A golden dream, freedom pleads; man loses everything desire. Clocks ticks A golden thought dedicate to monsters that kill the little life inside.

My baby spoke to me


        Wild parties, car crashes, shattered glass, shattered lives, as my body is twirled through the air. I hear my neck snap, as silence fell. A voice came to me from within; but how can this be? This one is no longer with me; my baby spoke to me.


             With crystal blue eyes, red ruby cheeks, my baby smiles at me and says “Mommy, I love you. If I had lived, I would be five, we could have played on the sandy beach outside. Now, I see you from inside, out. Mommy....., you’re not GOD, why did you take my precious life?  You said, “I wasn’t alive because I was inside, and I needed you to survive. As, I cry and hollered to let you know, I was alive. The pain, I felt as my body jerked, as knives sliced and suck me out. How can a world that don’t even know me, be so cruel to me? Mommy, I thought you loved me.


             Open your eyes and see mommy your just like me, a baby in the womb unable to talk and walk. Now the man who would have been my grandpa, how he cried for the crime you committed against me, as you hear the plot of your end, as if  you weren’t there.


As, you lay there remember, “Mommy, we all need someone to survive.”


                                My baby spoke to me.

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