Glowworm love



A love song about glowworms


Please my darling baby please don't go

If you leave my side this glowworm will lose his glow

My grief will be a tide that catches me under its toe

Oh my precious wormy angel don't you  leave me weeping so


Here in my cave my thoughts are grave sweetie please save me from this sorrow wave

Sweeping over me when you say you have somewhere else to be permanently 

I don't want you traveling anywhere unless you take me along with you in your luggage 

I'm not budging from the doorway of our sheltering fortress as long as you're prepared to lose me I'll stay cold and scared without you hanging around to warm my icy heart and soul 

You may be sick to the stomach of me right now but switch your surroundings for some other stalactites and stalagmites and you may just find your hope implodes like dynamite when you are elsewhere as much as it does here

I am sincere in my opposition to your prewarned immediate disappearance 

Where did i go wrong 

How did a sour note get lodged in the throat of my once joyful glowworm song



You may feel like you don't belong here anymore but you're only deceiving yourself and thieving yourself of the pleasure and treasure gained by the company we share 

Glowing bright as fire together throwing our lot in with one another 

This dark chilled space will cover us like a tent does rained on campers like a tomb does flesh and bones 

I can't make it on my own i don't know how you are coping all alone but I can't without you 

Thinking straight isn't something that comes easy to me anymore 

Thinking strange is easier for sure 

You have drifted far from the shores where wool was shorn adorning the coats of starcrossed lovers

Alongside our slaughtered silken sisters and brothers 

Must all love require death to produce fruit 

My love for you will survive long after you've packed your bags and said goodbye my glowing better half 

You carved a piece of my heart and took it with you when you trailed off in the distance traveling via snail express 

Can't you see this fond farewell is killing me inside forever remembering you in that sparkling diamond dazzling wormy woman dress

My life has been a mess ever since I get to see you never again outside my window into dreams 



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