To Feel a Hand



Inspired by Helen Keller's "The World I live In" and playing with words and sensations we take for granted

To feel a warm, friendly hand

As to gaze upon the face

Of a happy, smiling friend

Each line and subtle movement

Creating meaning

Creating connection

The waves of light and sound

Invisible and dark

But the vibration of energy




As clear as the light of day

Clearer than any sight or sound


The body remembers what it feels

Like attracts like

So I close my eyes

And I close my ears

To the naseating noise

And distracting view

To enter your world 

To attempt escape

Can we smell a rose together?

And will that rose

Smell sweeter to you?


So many writers

Who have lived before me

Have fantasized about the darkness

Of taking one's life

And they've succeeded

I fantasize about your darkness 

Your private, alien world

Where you sit on your thrown 

Of knowing and understanding

What is blurred or made invisible

With sight and sound

And what I would give

To visit for a day



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