Love is an Enemy



Love is a powerful emotion intertwined in countless thoughts, passions and romances. Love exists but also fights against us as we continue down the pathway of desire. Love is my enemy but love is also my serenity.

 love is an enemy endless envy of others considered friendly 


 like a soliloquy uninterpreted in faceless realities such formalities 


fear warping the reality to perceive a misplaced virtual immortality 


Check the surroundings please love isn’t a probability of chance 


but a possibility of tranquility peace comfort and prosperity 


serenading ballades and smooth jazz bring happiness and serenity 


to all the cool cats bouncing in genetic hereditary 


all the girls sass talking for hours endlessly 


frantically searching for words to show I’ve listened with intensity 


such electricity our energy continues to bounce the room 


such generosity sorcery her words are like moris code tick tock boom boom 


Love is an emotional connection intertwined in memorable serendipities 


not just a genetic purity of passion but is a potion of humility


free me to see the humbling effects of this pillar please 



Love is she without limits we continue to crawl on our knees to beg mercy 


please. Love is she who calls us he to climb up towers and call her majesty 


Love is power a towering flower over those who cower at the might of her 


dower—ry.. Love is pure like the color white and is stained with the


 darkness of lover’s sinning delight no fright can cure the pain but 


emotional victories can numb the shame nor tame its wrath on lover’s


 emotional game.



She’s my lover my bird my light but out of fright I curl into a ball she presses 


me never lessens on me continues to call and never let go of me. 


Trapped like an unborn baby can’t escape from my lover enemy what 


serenity this endless envy drives me to insanity profanity I say twice or 


thrice to its obscenity counting the inventory of words used against me.


 Frivolously I concur with the generosity of her love her desire to hope feel 


and want more than I seek. Locating my sanity checking my reality she is in 


a fantasy and I sued my words to portray actions of formality jealously


hallucinating monsters attacking me. Scared out of my wits though I’ve 


done nothing wrong needing invisibility quickly needing medication


to forget about her seriously as she’s yelling at me killing me softly teasing 


me slapping the face off of me. Emotionally tearing my heart outside of me. 


Now I know she is the monster inside of me shredding my heart apart


 juristically like a t-rex snapping his jaws inhumanely with such electricity


 shear velocity what a hypocrisy is this atrocity such honesty such


 philosophies good bye anomaly say hello to monstrosities. 



Time counted against me like calories in envy consumed endlessly 


seconds burning rapidly the clock ticks like the military march swiftly the 


the drums beat furiously.  


But all that I need indeed I proceed but who I choose to lose fusing 


time together like tying a rope into a noose so profuse… 


Love is a passion a mansion of emotional power a satiating savoring hunger


 desires more cravings more chasing of one's deep hope.


 and though love is my enemy 


My enemy is never decaying. 

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