A Doggerel Tale



I read about doggerel and decided to try. My theme and meter are old school, wise-assed and wry.

Come, tell us a story all bawdy and bold!

I prefer them quite raunchy now that I'm old.

We're all bored with the bloodlust and CG effects.
Bring us flawed heroes all having hot sex!
You know, the hot sweaty lust poor cuckolds suspect.

There's truth in such stories, a truth we all know.
We all pose as heroes wherever we go.

Our stories unfold, but our songs seldom sung.
Our antics grow bolder as we fight to stay young.

We're all on the lookout for our own Jezebel.
So tell us a story and tell it quite well.
For we're all really bored and horny as hell. 


29 Aug., 2016



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