What path has led you to confront it all and refuse to move your shoes...


Eat faces off demons,

Body pieces all over,

Level the devil's neck,

Head wrecking soldier.


Creator of God fools,

School of the aliens,

False rots in my truth,

Fire I blaze within.


Bastard immortal,

Drastic destruction,

Factionless portal,

Mask of dysfunction.


Luncheon for fakes,

Cannibal war hound,

Crunching on snakes,

Flesh tore the core out.


The distracted not real,

Cipher seed revolution,

Careless how you feel,

Weak men are pollution.


Even now you're blind,

Mass media sheep sleep

The system needs killed,

Marching looters are weak.


Organize it underground,

A real coup to overthrow,

Set it off, chop them down

Give each state free control.


Arabs aren't our enemies,

Idiots still spreading fear,

Government full of thieves,

Start a war wipe it clear...




Niume, Spillwords, Still Will Big!

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Invisible Mirror Man

#ConfigArmy Indie Warz

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