Girl with the Golden Heart



This could be about any girl in the world but its about one in particular

                                               Girl with the Golden Heart


                                           Like a mermaid her hair does flow,

                                           Her smile so radiant does glow,

                                           Even stood alone she's not in any shadow,

                                           Her mystical eyes watching as you follow.


                                              In a second she could just disappear,

                                              Gone from site but maybe not from ear,

                                              The soft lingering of her voice that you hear,

                                              Waiting for her to suddenly reappear.


                                                 Laughter from a far distance unseen,

                                                Yet knowing you've made her if you know what I mean,

                                                Could it be the start of something special and new,

                                                Will they meet and eat or just say hello and adieu.

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