The Winter Soul



What we all seek yet too many fail to


Untouched by sunshine

Laid bare by neglect

Tormented by silence

Yet absent of regret

Cold yet not frozen

Not asleep nor awake.


Who I am that I know

everything and yet nothing.


Between joy and despair

Lost amid hope

Drowning in fear

Yet no longer trapped

Longing not wanting

No belief nor doubt.


What I am that I feel

everything and yet nothing.


Lost in the darkness

Blinded by light

Touching not feeling

Yet not unaware

Alone not lonely

No sun nor moon.


Where am I that there is

everything and yet nothing.


Such is the heart

Bleeding yet uninjured

Whole yet fragmented

Unfulfilled not empty

Searching not sought

Made so by unrequited love


When am I to know

That I love and am loved

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