The water's edge is where I stand, Upon this Beautiful land


The Water’s Edge

Taken from the anthology ‘Water’

© Teresa Joseph Franklin


 The water’s edge is where I stand

Upon this beautiful land

It stretches for miles and miles

The sand so soft beneath, underneath

Hidden treasures, un-measurable

The tiny glistening, gleaming, glittering

Powdery, gritty pebbles

With the sun setting in the distance

The water ebbing and flowing

Backwards and forwards

Gently, softly gracefully

Like dancing to a tune that is so silent

That only the waves know the tune

Bringing with it treasure from distant lands

Solitary silence

Solitary moments

Solitary private moments

Quietly standing on this shoreline

A time to reflect

A time to observe

A time to see ourselves

A time to see ourselves as a whole

A time for peace

A time to gather our graces

A time to let go of our sorrows

From all the morrows

A time for love that is invisible, invincible

A love that exceeds, excels

Beyond all comprehension

A love that surpasses each and every passage

A love that transcends and will always rise above all else

So this quiet, quiet space is yours and mine

A quiet space so divine

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

3rd December 2014

All Rights Reserved


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