The Men's Room Meeting



An uncomfortable meeting with an executive

A big moment occurred!  A milestone achieved,

It all happened so fast, almost can’t be believed,

My time in this office will not be the same,

The VP of my function just called me by name,

He knows me!  ‘Till now I didn’t believe it was true,

Last week he called me “new guy” at the business review,

But in the coffee line his admin told me his mission,

To build world class support teams and combat attrition,

To be a leader of his group, to work hard and have fun,

To learn the name of his employees, every single one,

So now he knows me, but not because I’m a star,

And he speaks to me in ways that are really bizarre,

Today we chatted as we walked down the hall,

To the men’s room, where he stepped into the stall,

When I stepped to the urinal I was startled when,

He continued to talk, asking “how have you been?”,

“eh, um, fine, so I guess I will see you around,”

Hoping to leave before a torrent of unpleasant sounds,

But he stopped me, “wait!  I’d like to hear more,”

Asking questions of me from behind the stall door,

Between noises and smells and casual talk,

Startled colleagues with a look of absolute shock,

Who would pivot and leave looking very confused

A conversation took place and an ego was bruised,

He finished his “business” and approached the sink,

He patted my shoulder and gave me a wink,

He was proud, thinking he connected just then,

I will never, ever use that men’s room again.

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