Evening Ghost



A late night feeling of a presence, the memory of the past, a feeling of absence

There’s a ghost in the house

Sits beside me uncomfortable

In the corners

on the stains of an old faded couch

The edge of the shadows

That stream from the end of a day

The silence of the moths

As the lights outside

Each entity

Their separate ways

The thumping of walls

The settling of stone

You stand beside another being

But you’re alone

The shadows

Speak in whispers

And the ceiling is

Many fathoms removed

Can’t even speak of the ghost in the house

Its too close

Too soon

I hear the house breathing

I see the windows

Chandeliers seeing

In a desperate web

You turn to no one there

A perilous chord

That keeps you in a state

You bare

The brunt of all of these fears

They’re coming out of the walls

Terror as the darkness outside

Is complete

Hold your breath as evening falls.

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