sit with this



a poem written on a plane

this is a feeling, this is not fact
it will pass, it will pass
as I pass through clouds
in a silver bullet through the sky
so will this, this will pass
accept, don’t cling
let it fall through trembling fingers
like sand, like water
like the time that falls behind

sit with this
this feeling, this empty feeling
it will fade, it will fade
as you fade far below
where earth goes on, without me
so will I, I will go on
face fear, old friend
I’ll let myself go on, I’m moving on
like rivers, like roads
like the seasons as they turn

sit with this
this constant flow of thought
it won’t stop, it won’t stop
as I breathe, I am whole
inhale with the distant engine roar
let the thoughts go, let them be
wild, so am I
scattered and lifted upwards
like birds, like leaves
like me, as I fly, I am free

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