"W" writes my future.



I started writing this at the first attendance of a writing group, and continue to finish it at home thinking of my future. This is another inspiration for those who have troubled pasts. They can come out from them into a happy fulfilling future. ...

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When you set your mind to what fulfils you and your talents, anything can come true for you that will fill you will daily joy. A little tip though, break the main goal into mini goal steps as your main goal is more likely to be achieved and kept permanent through them. Too quick and your dream will be short lived and fold into nothing. I was taught this by a therapist I have previously seen, and belief me, I've seen the lift in my life and how I'm still writing months down the road happy with my life. Its from this joy I finished this poem today.


Wrestling with ideas wakens my mind

Waves of work flow from my pen

Walking the countryside wandering the fields

Watery waysides see my stories unfold

Writing no longer dragging, now refreshing

Wonders are revealed from postcards and talents

Words unknown from other writers are seen

Wonderful, oh for writing I’m keen

Wasting no time I begin wackier than ever

Wasted years gone by, song writing forgotten

Wandering thoughts recall those bygone days

Waltzes, ballets, poems, all invented

Written mostly in wallowing troubled times.

Western fingers playing the words into music

Wandering on piano keys as I sing

Writing them onto the paper in waves of notes in front

Wasted, “Damn! I wished I’d kept them.” Cries aloud I

While on my sofa I recline. That’s it!

What a wastrel I've been all these years

Waxing bright my new dream delights

Whenever I recall the songs and poems I wrote

Washed aside by uninterested parents

Whatever the past, the future lays blank

Wanting to write my life story and religious book

What about doing some religious songs queries I

Wasting my religious learning would be shame

Writing a novel also comes to mind

What a lot I can do I find as I start the novel

Watching a religious month approach

Writing the religious book and how comes to mind

Worth writing teachings each day

While fasting the month away, I think,

Wanting to help people have happiness and wellbeing

Wet behind the ears I may be after wasted years,

Writers new, all suffer the same fate

Weeeell, daily writing will improve me

Writers group and courses I attend

With no one for a writing hobby friend

What a lot more work I’ve gained but many ideas for books descend

Wishing one day to publish my books I don’t tell of

Writing three to five hours a day

Washes my schematised low self esteem away

Worthlessness gone from my mind hope lives

Writing has been waiting all these years

Well years give life experience to share and help

Wondering- “Should I publish my own books?”

Well others do and make more so I should

Writing career started with that in mind

Winging the way to publication begins.



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