Fish! I've been in more kettles of it this year.



"Not nice", not quite. "Naughty" is the tip of a whisker, this is just "bad".



 You woke me and my nose with your red glow and smell.

The backstroke in red clothes invokes my supper bell.

With both eyes soaked in sun, there was no way I could tell.

So I poked a few holes and you started to yell....


 For the gash in your hide...yea that was crass.

But, that rash should subside and the itching will pass.

The smell on your skin is just methane gas.

A swell gift you've given, like Chilean sea bass!


 It was just a few pounds, we've all made that wish.

It's not like you drowned in screaming pain and anguish.

I'm so sorry for biting butt, no need for relish!

Oh, and Santa, that sting?....Beats being in this fish!

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There's more where that came from!