We Are



A Look at who we are as humans to who we should be


We are as such
Simple humanistic beings put on this earth
To perform such simplistic tasks
Such as creation
The whole nine yards
We do it all in search for one singular thing
A purpose.

Searching for a purpose that should have been found long ago
We are splendid creatures
Our minds so much more advanced than
Our animal counter-parts
Though they are connected to the world in a way
Which we cannot see
Cannot sense.

They have their own parts to play yet
Some of us abuse them
Neglect them
Why take on such responsibilities to take away rights
The right to live is something that has been fought for
During our entire existence
Have we still not learned

To live
and to let live?

We are abuse
We are neglect
We should be so much more than that though.

We Should Be Love.

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