A poem about the break up of an illicit relationship.



Illicit secret virtual messages

Back and forth like ocean waves

Ticking away, time-bomb packages

Finally your guilty pleasure caves


Touching electric spark of hands

Bare skin on tingling bare skin

A slap sizzling lands

Feelings less of love, more like sin


Nights of hot words from your lips

Emotions in a tandem music groove

Writhing and swaying of curved hips

Your whispered words nothing prove


Thoughtful of the time we’ve spent

In and out of each other’s thoughts

Feelings all but selfishly lent

Imprisoned deep inside castle forts


I wake too often in my bed

Tears staining my pillow

The shape of you cramming my head

Bending lengths of wispy willow


I wonder what you’re doing

Are you lying awake and sleepless too

Wondering where THIS is going

Contemplating saying we’re through


All too much to bear

Emotions colliding, crumbling down

Silky waves of long dark hair

Torn threads of a silk gown


Heartbreak seems inevitable

Suddenly he says I can’t do this

She can’t but see he’s being sensible

But yearns one last virtual kiss


Too soon to say goodbye

Lovers entwined only in our minds

No more we side by side lie

Broken heart inflicted rewinds


So time is filled with other things

Keeping busy, mundane chores

Ignoring the ping of pulled heartstrings

In love and lust there are no laws



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