Our World



I want to write a little poem about the state that our world is in. I am hoping to send a strong message out there. I know I will probably strike a chord with some people, but it's how I feel.

Our world has issues

This I know is true

Corruption, anger, and hatred

Just to name a few


What about starvation and disease

In places that need to heal

Some people have no idea

When they will get their next meal


Then there's racism and bigotry

This I cannot stand

I have no time for people like this

When we should all lend a hand


I want to let you know

I feel strongly about this

It's too bad that some people 

Wouldn't give two squirts of piss


So, let's all work together

And put our hatred on the shelf

Let's help the people that are in need

And stop thinking of ourselves


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