Fool's Paradise



A poem about two lovers in Puerto Rico. In this poem, a fool's paradise is defined as an island (Puerto Rico).

Finally, I watched the sunrise
Awaking melodious lovebirds
The warmth of your tropical touch
Under the silky sheets of nakedness
Time no longer exists
The ambiance of congeniality
I asked for your love
You gave me an island
A fool’s paradise
Two bright stars in peaceful slumber
Under the spell of Oshun
Walking on the edge of two abandoned worlds
Like a flower on a dead plain, inflorescent

The first morning with you in my arms
All things awakening beautiful
I can feel my love comforting your worries
Trusting my guidance with your eyes shut
The ocean caressing our skin
Greeting a new life we have begun
Under the spell of Oshun
Happiness did not wait
Love did not hold back
Loneliness bid farewell
But eagerness lingers
Holding hearts for ransom
Becoming inseparable beings
From different universes
Battling egos that turn counter clockwise

Someday our forever will be eternal
Like the night skies looking down on its future
Through the darkness there is light
Unseen by eyes blinded with callowness
I wish to fall in your arms from the moon
Missing you is a painful syringe drawing life from me
A bitter December night filled the crisp frost bites
But love’s brush paints me a masterpiece
Sunsets framed on a cracked cabin wall over a fireplace
In a room where the glass door silhouettes your body
Crumbling the walls of despair
Freeing melodious lovebirds
Disappearing into the twilight
On a fool’s paradise






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