A lament for love I wrote for a friend as she couldn't put her pain into words.


When I close my eyes I see

A vision of you and I

Somehow sheltered from the world’s pain

Embracing under a storm filled sky.


When I open my eyes I feel

An absence in my heart

Is the love we once shared truly destroyed

Or is it others who keep us apart.


When in solitude I sit and think

I see no reason why

What we shared with the world & none concerned

We feared to discuss between you and I.


When in solitude I sit and write

A thousand thoughts fill my mind

A million things I would say to you

If only you could spare me the time.


When memories surround and fill me

I weigh the bad against the good

Though the good outweighs all the pain

Why is it we both feel misunderstood.


When happiness & joy surround me

It is always you who fills my head

Do you feel our separation was our choice

Or are we now where we were blindly led.


Pain, sorrow, fear and regret

Joy, happiness and desire

Are all mirrors of what I feel for you

Our love wasn’t perfect but it was so real

And in this world of cruel deception

Tell me, my love- what do you feel?





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