/ abuse

An abusive relationship that shattered a girls life. The blame was on her.


You are the reason why I am hurting from the inside,

You are the reason for my broken heart,

You are the reason for the broken promises.


I gave you all the most beautiful words in the world,

Yet you turned them into nasty chaotic words.


I gave you a beating heart and my love for you,

But you came along and broke mine into a million pieces.


I gave you all the trust you deserved,

However, you blamed me from the crashing destruction I had caused,


When in reality it was you who twisted those promises.

I begged you to stop and stop,

But you carried on like I was a piece of your forgotten mind.


You threw me across the floor, injuring my body that I was left in shatters.

You forced me to kiss you on the lips when in fact you were using me.

You dragged me by the hair, twisted my skin until I tore away from your grip.


I ran away from you, taking all my breath with me to the finish stop.

But somehow you caught up with me and created this havoc again.


I was trampled on and given a slap from your very own hands and feet.

I was all alone; nobody could see the scars hidden in my veins.


I crouched under the table and chairs, reaching for the telephone I hid below,

I somehow managed to reach it and dialled the number I longed to ring.

But you discovered and left me on the streets, surviving the best I could.


Why put the blame on me?


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