Quitting You



Last Resort, but life must go on...

Quitting You

So many years back
Things went bad
Things went black
The fights took us down
Tore our love apart
Broke our hearts

I started quitting you back then
Slowly pulled my love
Only to wonder when we would end
Quitting us was not my wish
Miss the happiness
Miss the bliss

U found my flaws
At every turn
Cursed my existence
And we began to burn
Barbs and harshness
A heart lost in darkness

U can't love me anymore
Where did your love go?
What killed your kindness
Why does your love no longer flow
I do not understand
What has become of us
I no longer know

So the quitting began
Slowly, but now faster
Time to run
From this disaster
It kills me inside
It hurts me so
Tears too many to hide

Far from you
I find peace
My soul begins to heal
The pain finally to cease
A new lease
A new love
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