Motes of light.2



22/9/16 About an imagined frozen moment of time

Frozen in time.

Can you hear the crystal tone ring?

It is there, in the background,

in the foreground,

coming from everywhere and nowhere.


I step out of my body.

This is no astral projection,

but I am neither dead nor alive.

Here I am between the motes of light

catching stray particles of dust like snowflakes.


I look back at myself,

as if underwater, languid and white,

I don't remember my eyes ever being that


Nor so blind.


There I am, as if caught in a photograph,

not a hint of you about my face,

on my brow or in the set of my jaw...

In this moment I cannot remember if

I was about to speak, shout or sob.


Who is it that I gaze upon now?

This man with his cropped hair

and pocked skin,

this man who no longer remembers

how to be himself?


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