Tolerance and privacy are wonderful things, but occasionaly there can be downsides.

Do you think you know your neighbours?

Do you think you know your friends?

Well you don't! They have agendas,

And work for their own ends.


Do you think you know your colleagues?

Or the lady on the bus?

Do you think you know your parents?

Do you think that you know us?


I don't mean our politicians,

Merchant bankers, folk like that.

We've all come to expect it now,

From that nest of rats.


I don't really have a problem,

With their double lives as such,

Just despise their double standards,

When they moralize at us.


But ordinary folk,

Can also have another side,

For questions of identity,

Are flexible at times.


The policeman on the corner,

You may think defines the norm.

Maybe sometimes he's 'Patricia',

And likes men in uniform?


Or the quiet couple next door?

They seem so sweet to you,

And have friends round each Friday night,

Yet never mention who.


And the quiet pre-school teacher,

Cares for your kids every day.

At night she might wear leather,

And prefer to play that way.


So you live the way you fancy!

Be who you want to be!

I promise not to interfere,

If you promise same to me.


Just beware uncharted waters,

They're rare, but monsters lie.

Remember Dr Shipman?

Sometimes Jekyl comes with Hyde.



© Marcus Brook 2017

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