"Non ducor, duco.” (I am not lead, I lead) So now I know....


Now I choose to speak to thee

as you’ve adjured to speak to me

We sit as equals, face to face

allow our intents to interlace .


Now I see no fear in thee

as you stand in front of me.

For darkness past you calculate,

what shields you now lies in hate.


This face you wear for purpose sake

works not on me make no mistake.

So when I choose to question thee

you'll fool me not with dishonesty.


I ask you if you'll pardon me,

for all those nights of agony.

The times when you would hold the knife

wishing you could end your life.


“I’ll pardon you for changing me

into the person others see.

For all the times you willed me pain,

now we've reached a waiting game.


My pardon comes with one condition,

that is you aid me in my mission.

If this is all life has in store for me

put me out of my misery.”


In spite of every whip and blow

you underwent and still you grow.

Most who shared in your afflictions

surrendered to their demonic addictions.


Yet you i surveilled with great apprehension

for there were moments of eager tension;

in vain i believed you might give in

but brave you are, as was Anne Boleyn


If people talk, be it false or true, 

It’s only because they envy you.

One who laughs, attracts attention

Will conjure up man’s condescension.


If insecure folk try to tar your name

Its merely because they’re tiresome and plain.

Remember this will never cease to be

man’s manifestation of pure jealously.


In public they try to bring you down

but devoid of friends they'd simply drown.

You never needed this cowards game

you're aware of the power in your name.


I’ll crush those who use words to harm you

For I despise the weak, it is you I value

If it be my decree to help you fight

don’t you dare give up your might


For once I put my pride in you-

show weakness and i’ll take from you.

The soul many believe its theirs to keep

even when they barter it dirty cheap.


I repeat dare not fail me now

Let our game begin right here and now.






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