Sandwood Bay



when the past comes back

Sandwood Bay, hidden gem, secluded beauty

I've come back to pay my respects

To rekindle memories of the distant past

A day that will remain forever in my heart


Sandwood Bay, pearl sky, pink sands

Off the beaten track, a place of perfect tranquility

I remember you well, present into past

When my body was youthful, the world my oyster


Sandwood Bay, watching over the North Atlantic

Little sister of Sutherland's evocative landscape

You talk to me in silence, reminding me of what once was

Every breath of wind murmuring sweet words


Sandwood Bay, show me the place

Where I once stood and proposed

To the woman who'd become my wife

My soulmate, my dearest companion


Sandwood Bay, three gulls overhead

Circling gracefully, cries so haunting

The roar of the sea, a fine salty breeze

I close my eyes and breathe in your soul


Sandwood Bay, I hope I'm no stranger

That a piece of me remains

Rooted in your history

A grain of sand that denies the stirring of time


Sandwood Bay, I've come here as one

A widower, lonely, broken-hearted

To pay homage to the ghosts of former times

Hoping to catch a glimpse of yesteryear


Sandwood Bay, please forgive me

If I shed a tear on your hallowed ground

Melancholy torments me, strips me bare

I never knew pain could feel this bad


Sandwood Bay, I hope, I pray

Something lingers beyond the realm

When we cross the Rubicon

Leaving everything behind


Sandwood Bay, I must take a moment

To reflect, to ponder, to think of that day

Head bowed, shoulders slumped

Tears falling freely, I'm not ashamed


Sandwood Bay, do you hear a sound?

Distant laughter, joyous and carefree

I raise my head and look across the beach

I see that I am no longer alone


Sandwood Bay, I feel a moment of warmth

At the young couple caught in an embrace

Their whole lives ahead of them

Many adventures to come


Sandwood Bay, look at the man's actions!

Goes down on one knee and raises a small box

She squeals with delight, a faint nod of her head

They fall to the ground as one


Sandwood Bay, this moment is eerily familiar

A strange thought runs through my mind

I raise my binoculars to get a better look

The beach is empty, there is only me


Sandwood Bay, my old friend

I thank you


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