Pro Choice — Lady in Red



Part 2 of a 7 part series of my own adaptation of 'For Coloured Girls' originally written in 1975....

In the crooked corner

Of the dirty old block

Metals clanking in alcohol

I lay down, reminding myself

I am Pro Choice

The old woman, a scorner

Hair white as chalk

Jagged teeth like an animal

Her smile quite like an elf

But, I still am Pro Choice

The dingy field

On a full moons night

The farmer’s son and I

Ignited in foolish passion

‘Love’ we called it

Knees peeled

With every kiss and every bite

Our clothes muddle in barley and rye

We gazed in compassion

With every heart beat


It happened

Unprepared I was

A tiny soul

Had begin to form


Unclear future seemed to sadden

I choose not to be lost cause

Dreams not down the hole

This, a temporary storm

So here I was

In the crooked corner

Of the dirty old block

I lay down with a smile

Reminding myself, I am Pro Choice

Who am I? you ask

I am the Lady

Who is in control of her body

My body, my decision

I am the Lady in Red


So, Pro Life or Pro Choice? I would like to hear what movement you support and your reasons. Let’s have a discussion in the comments section.

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