Alex The Inventor (Opening Poem)



The Intro to "Alex The Inventor" — Book I

The years have gone by, it is the 21st C.,
Exactly which year is a mystery to me.
A fantastic scrapyard has slowly collected,
Filled with curious things we forgot and neglected,
Things robotic, things full of wire,
The kinds of things we inventors desire.
Things not perfect which may be made whole again,
As beautifully new and different inventions.

Along comes a lad whose father flew faraway,
But he hopes to find him again, someday.
He works on his own with amazing machines,
So he can finally solve the mystery of his dreams.
But being alone doesn’t make a happy end,
He'll never fulfill his dreams without finding a friend.
So sit back, dear reader, turn the first paper leaf,
There's a fantastic scrapyard, with a secret underneath.

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