Naked Together



Sexuality results in surprising intimacy.

We are naked together.

Exposed, on offer yet beyond reach.

Our physical desires are expressed, yet our thoughts withheld, harbored.

This moment, this most primal of expressions.

Will it last in memory or pass unmarked, a meal consumed from need, nothing more?

Is this mutual, a sum greater than its parts, or merely a selfish, arm’s-length transaction?

Thoughts are dispelled as tactile senses embrace, communing beyond mere description.

This is who we are, here and now.

Receive me, take me in.

Surrender your will to mine.

Let me ... answer me ... show me ... match ... compliment ... closer than time and space will allow.

This appreciation destroys such fleeting beauty.

I am lost in you, deceived by my perception.

Sweet oblivion.

I am yours after all, yours for now.

Take me.

We are truly naked in this world.

Let us venture this way and there, together for a while.


26 May, 2016

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