Back to Life



Because sometimes only sitting in peace, surrounded by the beautiful nature on this Earth, can bring you back...



A whisper, a flicker of who I am

Shines brightly in the golden rays of the Sun.

I take my time to sit, to breathe, to rest,

To notice the strength in moments of quiet,

To hear the birds so proudly sing their song.


Those charming trees stand beautifully and strong,

They keep my chin lifted up to the sky,

To the blue, to the bright, to the light.

The flowers slowly float in the slight breeze;

They seem to gently bow to praise my mood.


I notice all the beauty in this place.

These sights and sounds are nurturing my soul.

So many wondrous words enter my mind,

Making me smile as they glide to my page,

Inspired by the magic in this world. 


Old dreams return and are alight once more.

This time though, I will listen and believe 

I can, and will, achieve all that I crave.

I feel my cluttered brain begin to ease;

And finally I've been brought back to life.

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