Consider Time



How much do we really value time?

Everyone seems to want one thing only

(And it spares nobody):

Once it consumes us, the wonder of the world is lost;

Once we count it, the ability to be satisfied is the cost.


What do you know about time?

A thing that only man would chime.

What do you know about that word

And how it has made the world chaotic and stirred?


“Time is golden,” people say,

But time actually seems abused today.

We speak for it to go faster or slower,

We even insist on praying for more.


But some would want less time for the reason

That they can’t bear to live through another season

Probably from loneliness or loss of hope;

And when hope is lost, time just makes us mope.


But time is not something you return,

Since every moment would make you learn

That denying your future is denying hope.

“Ends are for yesterdays, not tomorrows.”


Some would want more time just because

They haven’t done enough and think the day’s a loss.

Some would want time stopped or have immortality,

Thinking that they might live more happily.


But with endless time, nothing is actually special;

With no losses or sacrifices, we can’t appreciate at all.

There is a reason God limits our days:

To make precious all our ways.


Now imagine a world without timekeeping –

A world where we don’t have to rush for everything.

Where we don’t have to complain our every day

And when unfinished things would still be okay.


But in our fast-paced modern world of now,

We just let life pass by somehow.

Time would never be enough

Even if we would try to rush all this stuff.


Man is the only one who measure time

And it probably makes him feel sublime.

But really, man suffers a fear no other creature knows about:

A fear of time running out.

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