14/9/16 About a ghost in the room one dark night.

The air stirs,

a close observer

might notice 

a slight movement

of hairs on arms...


The skin prickles,

goosebumps raise...

something is afoot.


There is a hush,

the silence is roaring,

the sudden absence of noise

is eerie and unnerving.


There is a presence,

here, beside my sleeping form.

In the darkest corner of my room,

a figure.


Eyes half-opened,

blearing through the haze of sleep

a man is visible...

a broad-rimmed hat, 

a tie, a coat...


...and, though fear grips my heart

in its icy claws...

...like a giant hand pressed down on my chest...

...like being pushed under water...

something forces me to find sleep again...


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