(i) love myself



message: love yourself always....first...and life will be beautiful regardless inspiration: poem inspired by Kendrick Lamar single "i"

Success is crippling,
Eyes no longer look to me to be,
The brightest star they ever see,
They’re no longer amazed,
so they no longer applaud me,
But I don’t care,
I love myself,

Even when she said I wasn’t good enough,
painted a picture of a man, but it wasn’t me,
inside my heart cracked and started to bleed,
she don’t believe, there’s a man that she sees,
I look in the mirror and say to me,
I love myself,

At times when all hell is breaking loose,
and doubt visits,
When life is playing tug of war with my mind,
and peace seems to never be consistent,
When God is the only one I can call on,
because human understanding isn’t in existence,
I love myself,

At times I am floating through life,
When nothing is wrong, and everything,
seems to go right,
when God spoils me,
and sunny days start as soon as I wake,
I always remember to love me,
because that’s one thing life,
can never take,
I love myself

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