'You're talentless' she said,A statement intended to cause one to be sad'You're a man without tools'How It feels like a foolTo have thought, I could keep youBy working like a mule. 'Your jokes are not funny,You don't have enough money'The way of thi...

'You're talentless' she said,
A statement intended to cause one to be sad
'You're a man without tools'
How It feels like a fool
To have thought, I could keep you
By working like a mule.

'Your jokes are not funny,
You don't have enough money'
The way of this world so cruel
Don't claim a thing if you can't fight a duel
Can a bull without horns defend its hide
A lion without Maine can't have a pride
Such is the realm that causes pain;
to the ones without wealth, brawn or brains
The fact remains;
I am without talent and that won't change.

One needs to loose for the other to win
Such stark truth doesn't help to see
My failings, impedes not others to succeed.

This world is like a bad dream!
To awake, you must search deep within
There lies the truth if you care to see
It matters not; you possess no talent within.

But you need the will to make a stand
This world doesn't take pity on the weak
What is yours; you must defend
Win or loose; that's how it ends.

So let them speak of your weaknesses
What you lack in talent,
Can be replaced with tiny steps
Such as a baby learning to crawl then walk.

Take a little step of courage and you will see;
This world is not just for the talented,
It's also for you and me.
I have no talent, but I have a will to show
I may lose this day,
But my fate may change tomorrow.


















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