Jack Septic Eye



I wanted to write a poem about one of the best Youtubers on the internet today.

Jack, Jack, what a guy
With your screams and yells and your septic eye
Your voice booms throughout Youtube land
Hoping that you will never get banned

How can you ban such a popular man
I'm sure you've heard this, but I'm your biggest fan
Cursing and swearing your way to the top
With no signs of ever wanting to stop

You amuse the young and make older folks reel
Especially when you play Happy Wheels
Reading our comments and getting a thrill
Only one place to go from here, and thats uphill

You're gaining followers faster and faster 
Soon you will be the YouTube master
So this is for you Jack, you're one hell of a guy
Ignore all the flak and look towards the sky.

Global Scriggler.DomainModel.Publication.Visibility
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