The Old Step



The old step that has had four generations walk on it

The old step in the Bach has seen many a foot and many bellies,

Plus way too many bellies,

 As babies pull themselves along exploring the new found floor,

 This step is very old,

Becoming worn on the instep,

Many stories it can tell,

 If only it could,

 Many a child has played on it,

 And many old have also stepped on it,

The journey to their room or even to the outside,

 Where have they been the step thinks,

As they come laughing inside,

 Now and then it gets a clean,

Oh how it feels,

All cleaned,

Not too long and the dirt penetrates it,

 Getting into every crack,

 The owners that once brought it have long gone,

 Pushing up daisies as their children come,

And generations to come step on this step that once

 Had the first generation of their Kauri tree on it.

 It’s now had four generations,

Maybe more as people walk in and out of its life,

This step has held up the family

 Helped them to walk forward where ever they went in life,

With the memories of the Bach and the step,

That once there Great Great Grandparents walked.

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