"The GreenOgress"



From the upper east side of uncertainty, on the outskirts of ominous, behind the doorstep of dubious, she dwells on Satan's Throne. Needs feeding.

From the upper east side of uncertainty

On the outskirts of ominous

Behind the doorstep of dubious

She dwells on Satan's throne

The GreenOgress emerges from her den of dichotomy

Needs feeding

Intelligent enough to be ignorant

But, also, humble enough to be wise

On the prowl for hapless victims

Those with attention spans greater than that of a dust mite


Not suffering fools gladly

Includes herself in the indictment when appropriate

Those unlucky to importune her

Face her intermittent, notorious wrath

Reserved for the deserving and undeserving alike

Offerings to appease the goddess of tenacity and turmoil


Pay attention; take notes

Store them in that cerebral cortex of confusion, you call a mind

Not one to sacrifice self-respect on the alter of peace at any price

She speaks her mind

Encounters with her can be extraordinary

Things to contemplate, stir, be remembered

Or forgotten as quickly as possible

Knowing little 

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