Life's Garden



When love end's is there an easy way to end it

I tried to remove your rose-coloured glasses

But you refused, choosing to remain blind

If someday the resentment you feel passes

Maybe you’ll see the good intentions in my mind.


I had no part in the creation of your illusion

Which gradually grew into vines encircling me

As new branches sprouted on your tree of delusion

I knew from your fantasy I had to break free.


It seemed I like a tree changed seasons

And you envisioned just a bare tree remained

Your mind demanded you find a reason

Why the tree failed to blossom again.


You still refused to believe love made you blind

And failed to see your devotion was killing me

As you searched the garden for peace of mind

You neglected life’s plants to concentrate on one tree.


That you found the tree uprooted can be no surprise

For love showered on one plant is like too much rain

Like Mother Nature you must learn to compromise

Giving where needed and letting the rest remain.


One day a new tree will sprout where the old once stood

With patience & gentle tending it will grow for you

Blossoming freely as I never could

Your life’s garden will return fresh and new.

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