Unspoken Voice Of a Child



Poem to show how small children may be bullied and parents may not even be aware of it. The precedent can be set for a deeply unhappy child to do drastic things later on in his/ her life as a result of feeling unworthy and unloved.

The vision of her young child
On a playground with children
Three times his age
Is fresh in her mind
It started with the notion
That something was not right
This bubbly little one
Who used to love to play and run
Was unusually quiet
In his car seat
On the way home
She recalls how she turned to speak
With her little one
And seek

An answer for his staring
Out the window
With a dull look of hurting
So she made it her business
To climb to a high space
And try and see
What made her feel so restless

There a sight met her eyes
And her heart cried
With a stabbing pain
And the tears fell like streaming rain
And she the decision made
To no longer stay
In the place of employ

For there was her little boy
A baby of barely two
And before he knew
What was happening
He was lying
Face down
On the ground
Pushed by a child
Aged five

In anger her mind was racing
Where were the carers
What were they doing
And there was no question
Should she stay or not
So she quit her job

Took her baby home
And did not leave him alone
Till he was five
Sent him to place
Where he would thrive

This dear little boy of five
Is now twenty five
A young man
Who is now able to stand
His ground and speak
His mind
Should anyone treat
Him unkind

It has occurred to her
How many an unspoken voice
Of a child
Was never heard
That is so sad
Perhaps a lesson can be learned
By parents and carers
Let us look to find
The unspoken voice of a child





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