Your Beauty Queen



I’m only your prom queen,when the night is over,and the lights,and the kids,have rushed home,to make out,to make curfew. I dance with the darkness,and although I see you watching,I won’t let you cut in.I’m only your beauty queen,wh...

I’m only your prom queen,
when the night is over,
and the lights,
and the kids,
have rushed home,
to make out,
to make curfew.

I dance with the darkness,
and although I see you watching,
I won’t let you cut in.
I’m only your beauty queen,
when the fools around us,
are too in love,
to see the way you stare at me.
Busy with their own baby,
they don’t see the king of the mountain,
trip and fall through his kingdom,
at the command of the troll princess.

I’m only your best girl,
when it’s best for you,
but tonight,
I’m wearing another boy’s jacket,
and boy, does it fit well.

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