It hits you like a ton of bricks


It hits you like a ton of bricks

When you least expect it

Love never plays tricks

Love comes and goes

Love is like a whisper across the shores

The oceans

The mountains

Across the miles and miles

A great tidal wave washing over you

Taking your breath away

Rocking your very foundation

Love moves mountains

How can love be questionable?

Why does it need to be questioned?

Why analysis it?

Love is unfathomable

That is why my love for you undeniable

That is why my love will carry you

Through and through

So true, true

With all your love that has carried you away

Away, away across these oceans

Life is too quiet without you

The hustling and bustling

Has been hushed


Oh how I let you into this heart

Never believing that we would be apart

It smarts, smarts

But as long as you’ll always know

Our love will continually grow

We fought, we argued

Before your leaving

Now it is time for us to move on

Let’s move from the past

There is no one else to blame

Only, only ourselves

Please, please let us leave it all on the shelves

We both stated our cases

We both talked and talked

We both did the walk, walked

And you walked!

And never stay don’t, don’t

Because I won’t, won’t

This love of ours is never, ever questionable

Should I move on?

Then I shall not have you!

It’ll tear my heart apart

Ripped, ripped apart

This love of ours should never, ever be questionable

Are you questioning this love of ours?

Whilst being miles and miles away

I feel like walking on those hot, hot coals

You felt morally insane

Over and over again

Yet you want more and more

Yet alone, alone

Alone forlorn

Sticking to the rules

Not thinking of others that cross your paths

Paths that are forgiving

Paths that are forsaking

Yet it is your right

To go your own way

Sail away to your own fame and fortune

This is your own life

And maybe I’ll know you’ll be alright

And maybe one day I will be too

So never question this love that was once ours

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

1st October 2016

All Rights Reserved


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