Itchy Fish



The call of Spring...or scream

 A loose fish foundation with bats in the attic.

An eleutheromanian and myth catfish fanatic.

Many Animist grins, infrequent fluke of dramatic.

An odd nemophilist begins, but can't do non-aromatic...


 Though not good at time, I know mine grows short.

No I'm not dying, I grow great gardens for sport.

The Spring thing reminding there's wild foods in my court,

bringing more outdoor residing...and not the wireless sort.


 There many of you who know how I'll do,

bobbing in for a few with new prose and produce I grew.

I'll miss you all too and would teleport you,

but, resort to write report of this outdoor sports' pew...



 Who knows where the picture goes?...Sigh







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There's more where that came from!