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Lyrics to an electronic beat poem, in a desperate age, about the inhumanity that plagues so many people

A view through the looking glass of an artist's studio while the utilities are still on...


The cruelty of this society has no bounds
The lack of empathy by the media and politicians
  defies all logic, common sense and decency.
Our humanity has been traded for greed and materialism
Our people are sick and dying and despairing.

The armchair warriors cheer on the chicken-hawks
While young soldiers die in wars that should
   never have been fought.
Freedom is being lost at home, not on the battlefields
Our people are dying and injured, afraid and alone.

We’re stressed over debts that should never have been
The prices of everything have risen beyond our means
There’s no compassion for the struggling millions
Half the nation is stressed and sick, broke without hope.

For every well-dressed person, there are dozens in rags
For everyone living in a mansion, there are thousands in shacks
For everyone going out to eat, there are hundreds starving
For everyone with money in the bank, there are hundreds without.

The media and politicians paint a different picture
They ignore the fact that this is a representative government
They forget that the people actually own this country
They ignore the will of the citizens who pay taxes.

The elections are spectacles of great diversion
The media makes billions on advertising revenue
The politicians are all puppets of their campaign contributors
Most laws of the land are now written by lobbyists.

How we got to this point is simple
The people were diverted by entertainment and wars
We ate and drank and drove and worshipped the pop icons
While the Wall Street criminals secretly took over

There’s no going back; they’ve changed most of the laws
The bureaucracy has grown so big -- it’s out of control
One thing’s for certain, there’s no concern for the citizenry
The owners can do just fine printing all the money they need.

That brings us to a pickle, what to do with the tens of millions
    who want to work, but can’t find a job?
Or those who worked their whole lives, but can’t afford the bills?
I don’t think they think about us, or even are aware of our suffering
They’re too busy living the good life on our taxes, fees and interest.

So I broke down...


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