No place in my world



11/9/16 A comment on the "Western World's" meaningless, trivial vapidity and its all-pervasive nature

Surrounded by chatter

like a tree full of monkeys,

it is just noise,

pure noise

and has no place in my life.

The chatter begins to pulse,

to push, it insists,

it does not waver...

I give no answer to it,

it is not my concern.

The chatter becomes clatter

becomes clamour,

push turns to shove..

and it is forcing its way through

the doors of my consciousness.

Uninvited, raping my senses.

My mental doorman

has not given leave

for this babble to enter.

It has no place in my life...

yet it persists,

...and I weaken 

but I cannot submit.

I will not.


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